Worm Farm Wild Science


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Worm Farm Wild Science

Make your own amazing worm farm with this classic kit, which encourages hands-on interaction with worms and their environment! Children aged 6+ will explore how worms help plants grow, their life and role in planet management and a few worm secrets! Use the illustrated, full-color Education and Instruction Booklet to first build the worm farm (equipment included), collect the soil and then find your worms! The booklet includes plenty of tips and tricks on finding worms, how to add them to your farm and how to care for them in the best possible way. Additional experiments will teach kids how to improve soil quality, the effects of planting seeds, worm behavior in dark vs light, which flavors/scents they prefer and how they tunnel by watching the movement of colored sand. Fascinating! || Adult supervision is recommended. || The Worm Farm includes: Worm Farm moldings – front, back, sides, flag, lid and base, Themed scenery stickers, Worm privacy sliders, Pipette and tweezers, 2 x bags of colored sand, 2 x plugs and Instruction booklet. || Size of constructed Worm Farm: 8. 75″H x 11. 75″W.

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