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Designed for children age 10 years and above, this best-selling arts and crafts kit features three different pre-printed 8.5″ sturdy foam canvases. This creative kit for teens and tweens also includes 60 yards of thread and 170 pins. There is no need for nails, hammers, or other supplies, which means there is no need to shop for craft supplies. More importantly, it allows kids to instantly begin honing their creative juices. Whether your kids prefer to use our pre-made templates or create designs of their own, the Craft-tastic String Art Kit is an affordable and easy to use craft kit for kids. Whether they are crafting pros or craft newbies, the Craft-tastic String Art kit is easy for kids 10+ to use. Kids simply push the pins into the sturdy, pre-patterned foam bases and string away. Once kids have finished their designs, they can hang them up and put them on display for friends, family, and others to enjoy. Arts and craft kits are one of the best gifts you can give children. When kids create, they develop critical problem-solving skills and learn to express themselves. The Craft-tastic String Art kit is a great arts and crafts gift that is a creative way to teach critical life skills.

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  • Detailed Instructions
  • 3 8.5″ Pre-Printed Sturdy Foam Canvases
  • 40 Yards of Thread and 170 Pins
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FeaturesDetailed Instructions 3 8.5" Pre-Printed Sturdy Foam Canvases 40 Yards of Thread and 170 Pins

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