Robopuppy Interactive Pet


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Robopuppy Interactive Pet

Battery requirement: 3x AAA (not included)
Packaging Size: 6.82 x 5.56 x 8.9 in.
Master Carton Size: 16.33 x 9.44 x 14.17 in.
Master Carton Pack: 6 pcs
Product Description
Robopuppy is a interactive pet with induction sensors that recognize motion and obstacles. Robopuppy has three different modes. Press his nose once, and he will move forwards, backwards and turn depending on the motion it recognizes by its nose. Press it twice and Robopuppy will begin to walk and bark. If it encounters an obstacle, Robopuppy will walk around it. Press its nose 3 times and robopuppy will always move forward anytime it sense motion. Robopuppy has LED lights on its eyes and makes sounds.

LED lights and sounds
Induction sensor.
Moves on its own

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