Peek A Hoot


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Peek A Hoot

It’s time to collect the loot and wake the hoot! Take turns checking in with the owl to see how he’s feeling while racing around the forest gathering tokens that match your cards. Move your mouse around the board until you reach a stump. Then gently press down on the owl’s head to see what you do next. If the owl is feeling happy, then you continue your turn toward your loot. But if he wakes up grumpy, you cannot move forward, and your turn is over. Don’t forget about that fast track — avoid the owl if you can! When the first player returns to the starting space with all their loot, they win! No reading or batteries required for endless fun for even the youngest players. Includes 1 Gameboard, 1 Owl, 4 Mouse Movers, 20 Forest Tokens, 20 Goal Cards, and Complete Instructions. Recommended for 2-4 players, ages 4 and up.

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