Mish Match Game


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Mish Match Game.

Test your reflexes with Mish Match, a competitive, fast-action party game! Be the first to spot and slap matches between cards featuring illustrations of Animals, Colors, Foods, and Moods. Collect the stack if you’re on point!
GET READY FOR A SLAP-HAPPY TIME: The deck is shuffled and all cards are passed out to players. The first player chooses the category to match (Animal, Color, Food, or Mood) and flips their card to the top of the pile. The next player flips their card and so on until a match of the category is spotted and the card pile is slapped. The game ends when one player is out of cards AND needs to add a card to the center pile. The player with the most cards wins.
For even more Mish Match mayhem, play by looking for ANY matches between cards and be the first to slap the pile to claim your win!
Takes only a minute to learn and is a convenient, take anywhere you go sized game.
Includes: 84 Character Cards, Rules
2-8 Players | Ages 8+ | 10-20 Minute Play Time

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