Mega Tube – Giant Inflatable Tube


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Mega Tube – Giant Inflatable Tube

Mega Tube – Gigantic 10 Foot Tall Inflatable Tube For Endless Fun… and Battle!

Sometimes simple toys with no obvious purpose are the most fun to play with since your imagination and creativity get unleashed. This cool new Mega Tube from Wicked is one of these toys. This gigantic 10 foot tall inflatable tube can be thrown, kicked, punched, bounced, rolled, twirled, balanced, used as pugil sticks in epic backyard gladiatorial battles, or whatever else you can dream up. It features a high quality polyester rip-proof outer shell, two handles for dueling, and includes a foot pump for quick inflation. Perfect for backyard games, pool parties, winning pillow fights, bicycle jousting, filling with helium to create a local UFO panic, or just give it as a super cool gift for kids of all ages.

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