Magic Mixlings Tap & Reveal 2pc Couldron


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Magic Mixlings Tap & Reveal 2pc Cauldron

Your magic wand reveals your Mixlings magic power! Will you find the wand that activates your Enchanters, Morphers and Fliers’ Gem? Or will you find the Pippette wand that unleashes your Vanishers power? There’s also a Glow In the Dark wand to find that unlocks your Spellsters magic!
What magical power does your Mixling have? Are they an Enchanter with enchanting eyes? A Flier with magical appearing wings? A Morphling who can change their shape? A Vanisher that can become invisible or a Spellster who can light up the night?
Repeat the magic Cauldron reveal and make the Mixlings appear again and again!
Use your Cauldron to store your Mixlings and trinkets!
There are 40+ Mixlings to discover and create across Series 1. Collect the whole World of Magic Mixies Mixlings!

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