I Am a Zamboni Machine


I Am a Zamboni Machine [Illustrator Paola Migliari] Children, Juvinile Literature.

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Beep! Beep! Out of the way! When the ice on the rink gets too rough, it’s up to a trusty Zamboni machine to make things right in this sturdy board book shaped just like the real thing!
Young hockey and ice sports fans will love seeing this big machine in action! Featuring simple facts and colorful illustrations, the text follows a Zamboni machine as it does its honest job of clearing and resurfacing the rink.

Readers will cheer along with the fans when the hockey players can jump back on the smooth, shiny ice. Bright artwork and clear text will help all little truck and ice enthusiasts see what a Zamboni machine does!

I Am a Zamboni Machine is a perfect, compelling new addition to the bestselling I Am a Truck series. A book and truck in one!

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