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Honey Bee Acres Sunbrust Art Studio. Welcome to Honey Bee Acres dollhouses, playsets, and figures where the pretend play is sweet, and the product detail is fresh and colorful! And just over the hill is a magical place where the valley sparkles and the land is as bright as a rainbow! Welcome to Rainbow Ridge! The Sunburst Art Studio is as colorful as its stained-glass windows! Opal is a posable flocked figure dressed in her artist’s smock who loves spending time here painting or creating pottery. Opal likes working under the light-up chandelier or baking her pottery in the light-up kiln. Visit Opal and help rearrange the stained-glass panels in the large window. This window is a work of art! After a long day in the studio, Opal likes taking a nap in her hammock! Come visit Opal for pretend art lessons and make every day a special day!

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