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Honey bee Acres Rainbow Pals Rainbow Ridge.

Welcome to Honey Bee Acres dollhouses, playsets, and fuzzy figures where the pretend play is sweet, and the product detail is fresh and colorful! And just over the hill is a magical place where the valley sparkles and the land is as bright as a rainbow! Welcome to Rainbow Ridge! Meet the Rainbow Pals! Each posable flocked figure wears a tie dye outfit that is removable for fun fashion play. Today the pals are playing Hide ‘n Seek. As Lucie’s counting, they all run to find hiding places. Pixie and Aura hide behind a large tree, while Luna, Levi, and Indigo hide behind the sunflowers. Mer-kitty Coral runs to the brook with Jasmine and Zeke, but she would rather swim in the water than hide! Join in the fun and create more pretend adventures together and make every day a special day!
Honey Bee Acres Rainbow Ridge Rainbow Pals, 9 Miniature Doll Figures, Children Ages 3+

The toy set includes 9 miniature flocked animal figures
Kids are 2.25 inches tall with posable heads, arms, and legs
Each figure is dressed in removable clothing that is interchangeable with other Honey Bee Acres figures
Figures are compatible with all Honey Bee Acres playsets, environments, and accessories, as well as competitor playsets
Collect them all!
Recommended for kids 3 years and up

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