HOney Bee Acres Buzzby Farm House with 2 Figures


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Honey Bee Acres Buzzby Farm House with 2 Figures.

Welcome to the world of Honey Bee Acres dollhouses, playsets, and figures where the pretend play is sweet, and the product detail is fresh and colorful! The 15″ Buzzby Farmhouse is Honey Bee Acres’ premier three-story dollhouse. With its farmhouse-chic styling, kids will delight in playing in all the large rooms and decorating their way. Exclusive to the Farmhouse are Grandpa Sam and his granddaughter Ruby, poseable flocked figures who wear bright coordinating outfits for fun fashion play! Grandpa Sam is so excited to have his granddaughter Ruby stay with him for the summer in Honey Bee Acres! Being together at the Buzzby Farmhouse makes every day a special day.

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