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Wild Environmental Science Extreme Sharks of the World

DIVE INTO EXTREME SCIENCE — Learn about 10 of the world’s most extreme sharks with this kit. Build a 3D model of a great white shark. Make a life sized megalodon tooth, shark egg case and more!
LEARN THROUGH STEM — Study Ichthyology – the science of fish, shark ancestors and how sharks adapted to their environments. Kids will use STEM concepts to create shark-related products to admire
EXTREME VALUE — This kit includes a reef diorama, shark poster and all the materials required for the craft activities. Decorate your space and show off your knowledge with shark-related artifacts!
KID-FRIENDLY, FULL-COLOR INSTRUCTION GUIDE — Science should be fun and easy to understand. That’s why each step in the activities comes with an illustration to show exactly what needs to be done!
FOR AGES 6+ — The reading in the booklet is ideal for children aged 10+, but those aged 6+ can follow and complete the activities with adult supervision
PERFECT FOR DISPLAY — This kit is perfect for science fairs, show and tell sessions, nature tables and more
CREATE SOMETHING SPECIAL — This science kit isn’t just about learning science. Our kits give children the opportunity to create products they can be proud of
TRUSTWORTHY & COMPLIANT — WILD! Science products are tested for the highest consumer standards. They’re recognized internationally for premium manufacturing, compliance, safety and learning value

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