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Look out ducks, make way for Bruce! In this quacked-up card game, ducks are waddling everywhere ‚Äî the circus, the beach, even the moon ‚Äî and Bruce is hot on their tails. Gather the most high-scoring ducks by turning over cards one at a time. The more cards you reveal, the more you can collect. But if Bruce shows up, your ducks better take cover before that wily hound ruffles some feathers! Get the highest score and you‚’re one lucky duck.A flock of ducks waddling through bizarre locations and a rambunctious dog named Bruce. If this sounds like a strange combination for a card game, wait until you give it a try! After just one round, we guarantee you‚’ll be barking (or quacking) for more. Remember to say ‚ÄúDuck!‚Äù every time you reveal a duck card and do your best to resist the temptation of turning over more cards. OH, and Bruce loves to be scratched behind his ears, and on his belly, and well ‚Äì just about everywhere else!

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