Dope Cookies & Crunch


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Dope Slime Cookies & Crunch

This unbeatable texture combo is back to our shop – in Cookies & Crunch form! It’s crunchy, packed black bingsu slime paired with a soft clay dense butter slime mix into an ultra dreamy, crunchy and satisfyingly smooth texture that you won’t be able to put down. Scented vanilla and Cookies & Cream and topped with a matching charm and sprinkles!

Cookies & Crunch slime from Dope Slimes is a texture-rich bingsu slime paired with dense butter slime and scented with vanilla and Cookies & Cream.
Make sure to wash and dry hands before and after playing with slime.
When not in use, slime should be stored in its container with the lid tightly sealed and stored in a cool place.
To rehydrate slime, add water and a touch of lotion into the slime, mix and let it sit in the sealed container overnight.
Includes 8 ounces of product.
Handcrafted in the USA.
Not suitable for children under age 3 years.

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