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Dissect It Discover It Synthetic Owl Pellet Lab.

Made out of a carvable, gelatin-like slime material that is absolutely safe for children, this Dissect-It Discover-It kit gives the realistic experience of dissecting an owl pellet! Slice your way through the one-of-a kind Dissect-It owl pellet gel to uncover either a salamander, mouse, or bird skeleton (1 of 3 is included within the gel), each of which is easy to assemble.

INCLUDES: a gel specimen with skeleton pieces inside, learning guide, foldable dissection table, and 2-in-1 scalpel and tweezer tool to help with the dissection process. Each kit comes with a detailed 8-page fold-out learning guide which walks users through the dissection process and provides tons of information about owls, what they eat, and the food chain! Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Top Secret Toys is proud to offer educational and STEM toys that bring both comprehensive learning and fun to kids and families. We strive to make home learning an unforgettable experience.

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