Crazy Truck Dinosaur Yellow


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Crazy Truck Dinosaur Yellow

THIN AIR BRAND – Crazy Truck – Pull Back DINOSAUR Truck – Yellow (CT588)

Crazy Trucks: Friction-Powered Toy Dinosaur Truck That Moves Every Which Way, No Batteries Needed, Just Push and Go, Big Wheeled Toddler Trucks Made of Durable ABS Plastic

Delight Little Kids – Ages 3 & Up – With These Better-Made Friction Toy Tractor Trucks, Designed to Roll Forward, Rock Up & Down, Spin & Even Do Stunts.Let’s face it. Toddlers and preschoolers love anything that moves.So, you can be sure they’ll be thrilled with these 4″ x 4.5″ x 5.5″ Thin Air Toys Crazy Trucks for Kids. Just Push and Go – No Batteries Needed.The secret’s the internal friction-powered gear mechanism. Simply push the truck…and there it goes, traveling much farther than you’d ever think possible. It even rolls over rough surfaces, from carpeting to grass & gravel.Plus, it will pull some amazing stunts such as:
– Rocking up & down & back & forth
– Spinning & rotating 360 degrees – even when it’s upside down

Truckloads of Fun for Kids: These friction-powered tiny trucks will have your little ones giggling with glee. Simply push – and the trucks go the distance, rocking & swaying as they roll.
These Trucks Even Do Stunts: No batteries required. Just push to set the wheels in motion, then place the toddler truck upside down & watch it spin 360.5 . Works on all terrains, indoors & out.
Constructed for the Long Haul: Forget those flimsier mini trucks that easily crack and break. Our Crazy Truck toys are solidly built with premium ABS plastic for toddler-proof durability.
Education Just Got Entertaining: As kids happily play with these push-&-go truck toys, they learn hand-eye coordination, gain a sense of direction, and hone their gross & fine motor skills.
The Gift They’ll Actually Use: Each dinosaur truck comes in a giftable box, brightly colored to wow boys & girls ages 3 & up.

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