Cow Pie Catapults


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Cow Pie Catapults

QUICK GAME OF POO FLIPPIN’ – 2 Player Battle of The barnyard. Stand your cows up and let the fun begin! Players launch rubber cow poo from catapults knocking over the opposing cows on the other side of the barnyard. Last cow standing is the winner!
FAMILY FUN – The game that’s sure to bring competitiveness and good laughs. Perfect for family game nights.
PLAY IT ANY TIME ANY PLACE – Includes 1 Game board, 8 cardboard Cows, 12 rubber cow poos, and 2 catapults. The box size is portable & travel friendly. Your child can become an instant champion by playing at game nights, gatherings, birthday parties, play dates, road trips, plane trips, outdoors, and more!
NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME – This animal barnyard game and strategy game is a 2 player battle. The average playtime is 5 minutes.
PERFECT GIFT – Makes the perfect gift for boys, girls, parents, adults, friends, families as well as any board game or card game lover.

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