100 pc I am Lil' Flamingo


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100 pc I am Lil’ Flamingo

For ages 5 and up. Finished size: 30”x24” (poster-sized). Box size: 10”x12”x3 Unique shaped border . High gloss, photo-realistic animal image. Random cut, interlocking puzzle pieces Packaged in a sealed poly bag and tamperproof box. Dust-free! Educational Fun Fact: Did you know Flamingos can run on water. Because of their webbed feet, flamingos run on top of the water gathering speed to take flight. Oversized pieces are just right for small hands to hold and manipulate! (Good for folks with limited dexterity too) Madd Capp Puzzles will challenge and inspire you, your family and your friends. A poster sized puzzle when completed, fun facts and image reference contained inside. Madd Capp Puzzles are a cut above the rest.

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